Unite the Church. Transform the city.



No one church can bring city transformation on its own, but together we can.

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good work in silos

Churches and nonprofits are doing great things but we often operate in silos.

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connect and build trust

For Richmond connects leaders to develop relationships and identify community needs.

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support and equip

We then equip leaders with information and resources to address these needs.

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collaborate for action

Finally, we collaborate on shared goals to do great things together.


The result?

A flourishing and transformed Richmond.

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Current Focus Area: Foster Care


In 2019 and beyond we are focusing on celebrating, accelerating and improving the work around foster care.

Currently, there are 485 children in foster care in Metro Richmond with over 170 young adults aging out of the system this year alone.

You don’t have to be a foster parent to help out.

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89% of the youth who age out of foster care are addicted, incarcerated, homeless or pregnant
within 2 years.

Learn more about foster care →

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Get Involved: News & Events

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Simply put, we are better together. Please join us.