The Issues

For Richmond works collaboratively to move the needle on specific issues. Learn more about our current focus areas and how you can help below.

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Our Current Focus Area:
Foster Care

A review of priorities articulated by the faith, government and business sectors shows that education, public transportation, affordable housing and job creation/workforce development are at the top of everyone’s lists. That being said, there is an increased recognition and mobilization around supporting children and young adults in foster care as it is interwoven with so many of these pressing issues.

In 2019 and beyond, For Richmond will take a laser focused approach to this multifaceted issue with the help of our advisory board, expansive network and impassioned volunteers. We will continue to add other ongoing focus areas as we build capacity together.

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Future Focus Area: Public Education

There are 81 Title 1 schools in Metro Richmond. Title 1 schools are those with high concentrations of students from low-income families. Every one of these schools is surrounded by multiple churches. Imagine the impact of several churches working together to support the children and staff in one of these schools!

We are in the process of making connections and conducting research that will allow us to launch a focus on churches partnering with public schools in 2020.


How do we determine our focus areas?

Community leaders across the city who see the needs and struggles of their constituents on a daily basis are the key to helping us determine our annual focus area. We recognize that for us to help foster transformation, we have to listen first before we act. To do this, For Richmond has a three-step process.

  1. Connect leaders and work with them to identify the needs in their communities that are simply too large to tackle on their own.

  2. Provide research and connect them with resources and partners to address those needs.

  3. Equip and mobilize churches to take action together.

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Opportunities to Get Involved 

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Learn more about how we foster collaboration through networks: