Quality education is our number one defense against the cycle of poverty.


Our approach to church partnership with schools helps Christians move from transactional charity to transformational engagement for students to fully realize their God given potential.

We are in the process of making connections and conducting research that will allow us to launch a focus on churches partnering with public schools in 2020.

In the city of Richmond, pastors have already met with Superintendent Jason Kamras to learn about specific ways congregations can support schools. We’ll be hosting similar gatherings in Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico soon.

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81 schools

with a Title 1 designation in Metro Richmond (includes Richmond City, Henrico County, Chesterfield County, and Hanover County)

at least 40%

of the students at Title 1 schools are from low-income families

education quality

one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a child will be able to overcome poverty

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The Solution

Helping Church & School Partnerships move from Transactional to Transformational Engagement

All of the following levels of engagement are necessary and good. Children need backpacks and reading buddies and mentors. But if we stop there and fail to empower communities through asset based community development and system level change we will not see true and lasting transformation.



Charitable Activity

Activity that requires little or no interaction between the donor and the beneficiary. Example: Backpack Donations, Teacher Appreciation Events, Service Days


Compassionate Engagement

Activity that puts the donor and the beneficiary in regular contact, potentially producing relationship and empathy. Example: Reading Buddies, Mentors, Adopt a Teacher



Asset Based Community Development

Activity that recognizes and empowers local assets to build more sustainable communities. Example: Family and Community Engagement Programs, Leadership Programs,Community Driven After-school


Institutional & System Change

Activity that addresses systemic and institutional problems that could keep the above efforts from being effective. Example: Changes to Local, State & Federal Policy, Advocacy Work, Cultural Shifts in Churches


Ways to get involved:

Every one of our local schools is surrounded by multiple churches. Imagine the impact of several churches working together to support the children and staff in one of these schools!



Learn More

Take a look at the lists below and find out what schools are near your church. If you’re in the City of Richmond, download the Church Partnership Resource Guide for a list of organizations currently serving in the schools as well as those supporting public school students in other ways.


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Pick a specific school and pray for its students, teachers and administrators.

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Check with your local church to see if they are committed to helping support the education of our youth.

If you are qualified and interested, we are seeking advisory positions for this issue.